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Our Mission, Values, and Philosophy

Our Mission, Values, and Philosophy


Enrich and prepare student achievement by providing an inclusive, safe, and high-quality learning environment, and by building connections between school, family, and community.



Our programs and staff will:

  • Provide a safe environment of high-quality exploration.
  • Foster excitement for lifelong learning and achievement.
  • Ensure that student academic and behavioral success is expected, encouraged, and celebrated.
  • Provide diverse and inclusive programs that serve all students.



We believe that our youngest learners thrive in a safe, inclusive, and play-based environment where they can actively explore the world around them. Our “whole-child” teaching approach provides students with the opportunity to socialize, create, and discover with their peers in classrooms rich in developmentally appropriate materials. Growth and development of each student is encouraged through daily experiences which include foundational learning concepts and kindergarten readiness skills. Our teachers build positive relationships with each student and their families while embracing the family as the child’s first teacher. 

Our goals for students in MCCSC’s Early Learning Programs include:

  • Achieving developmental milestones from birth to age five
  • Developing respect and empathy for themselves and others
  • Instilling a sense of flexible thinking to create solutions
  • Fostering curiosity and a joy for learning




We believe in encouraging students to grow academically and socially. Extended Day embraces learning outside the classroom in a safe and inclusive environment designed to engage students in active exploration.

At Extended Day, our goals are to:

  • Provide high-quality programs with an emphasis on health, literacy, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) and social enrichment.
  • Provide an environment in which students expand their education through innovative opportunities that develop creativity, confidence, and character traits to become well-rounded students. 
  • Empower every student to achieve their full potential and thrive beyond the school day
  • Provide positive staff/student interaction, communication, and guidance.



We believe that learning is best achieved through active participation, in an inclusive, transformative, and engaging environment for all campers. Our approach to education extendes beyond the traditional classroom. We encourage hands-on learning and immersive activities. We are fully committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and supportive space that nurtures campers to reach their full potential.

At EdVenture Camp, our goals are to:

  • Provide an environment in which campers prevent summer learning loss through fun, interactive, and immersive opportunities.
  • Provide high-quality learning in a summer camp experience.
  • Empower all campers to achieve their full potential and thrive beyond the school year.
  • Provide a positive, safe, and inclusive environment for staff/camper interaction, communication, and guidance.